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Our next show: Wed April 26th 7.30pm The London Canal Museum, Kings Cross

Tickets £8/£6 online or on the door

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The Idle Women: Recreating the Journey

75 years ago the Women’s Training Scheme started – young women, from mostly middle class backgrounds learned to handle 72′ narrowboats with 50 tons of cargo. Just another example of women stepping up to the mark and taking on jobs no one thought they could do (although generations of women from the working boat families had been doing just that for years). Our show Idle Women of the Wartime Waterways tells their stories (including how they came to be known as ‘Idle’) and this summer (April-July) we will be recreating the journey by following the route that they worked.

You can watch an introduction to the tour (made by boatwoman and film maker Erin Hopkins) via our crowdfunding site. Because we do need funds! Our Art’s Council grant will enable us to offer the show in more venues, especially in areas where it isn’t as easy to get to arts events. However, that won’t be paying the costs of the boat so the crowdfunder is to help keep Tench fuelled and running as part of the tour.

To book or reserve future shows click on the poster above (design by Vince Haig)

Would you like to join in? Crew for a day, two days, a week? Get some experience of handling a full size working boat? Or just like to stay in touch and hear about our plans and shows in your area. You can sign up for our mailing list here by clicking on the picture of Tench on the right



Wonderful tales of unassuming women  Siân Rowland (Twitter)

Brilliantly fun and illuminating

And lots of ‘I’ll come and crew!


Want to know more about the trainees? We have a page of resources and links where you can find out more about the books, articles and film about them.


Thank you to ABNB boat brokerage who supported our autumn tour and will be supporting us the 2017 tour with advertising, flyers and posters.