Past productions

You can find information about Kate Saffin’s past productions below:

Finding Libby
Now is the winter (photos)
Writing ‘Now is the Winter’


  1. Phil Kendall says:

    Hello Alarum Theatre. Do you still exist? A friend of mine saw “Now is the Winter” some time ago in Scotland and gave me the programme with a glowing recommendation. It has just surfaced after being lost in my ‘to be filed’ papers for a long while! I am chairman of a small but beautifully formed arts centre in the Peak District(see website). We have had some great performers since we came into being nearly two years ago and they have all loved playing our beautiful venue. Have you any plays in performance now? Might you be anywhere near us in the future? Are you way out of our budget? We have had great one-woman performers including Rohan McCullough. Then there is The Buxton Festival Fringe (though I think registration has closed for this year’s July festival). We are an outreach venue for Buxton Fringe. Hope all is going well for you. Kind regards. Phil Kendall

    • adminks says:

      Hi Phil, we do – although have had a bit of a break as I went off to drama school to do an MFA in writing for stage and broadcast media. However, we are up and running again now with a waterways tour of a double bill about the young women who worked on the canals during the war. We are also looked at a revival of Now is the Winter with a showcase provisionally planned for September in Stratford. And Springbanks looks like a perfect setting if you are still interested.

      Best wishes

  2. adminks says:

    Hi again,

    this is just to let you know that the showcase will be on at the RSC The Other Place on Tuesday Sep 20th 7pm. Now is the Winter will be part of a double bill with ‘Uncle Richard’ by Tell Tale Present.

    As well as the details on the website here is the link to the RSC listing. We would be delighted to offer you an industry ticket if you were interested in joining us for the evening.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes


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