Finding Libby

“Very impressive work, deeply affecting and highly recommended”

by experienced writer and performer Kate Saffin.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Assembly Hall, 1-26 August 2013

Meet Pauline, a woman so timid she can’t even bring herself to utter the word ‘toilet’, not like a Pauline should be, or that’s what she thinks. Dowdy and mousy, booking a boating holiday online in a neighbour’s bedroom is racy adventure. Inspired by a heart breaking true life tale, this is a warm, witty look at a waterways journey that takes an unexpected turn – back to memories of stifling respectability, young love, and the 60s that didn’t swing for everyone.

“Told with great affection and enthusiasm, Pauline’s story is engaging, her quiet resolve uniting the audience behind her in her confrontation of her secret past” — Fringe Guru

“A warm and wistful, witty and wise one-woman-show.” — Daily Info Oxford

“Rich in wry humour” ★★★★

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