Here’s the news you’ve been waiting for …. drum roll …. the 2017 Idle Women Tour will be supported by Arts Council England.

This means we can employ a Tour Manager, run workshops en route and write and rehearse new material as well as stage over 30 shows in non-arts canalside spaces. There is more about the tour here and we are adding venues and dates here as we confirm them. There will also be an interactive map to help you find your nearest show soon.

This funding doesn’t do away with the need for our Crowdfunder though because raising money to run NB Tench was part of the budget we submitted,so we still need additional support. If you would like to make a contribution, however small, here’s the link  So far we have raised £722 of our £1600 goal and are very grateful to every single person who has supported us in any way so far.Thank you!

Kate & Heather